Vehicle & Metal Recycling

At DA Autoparts we recycle several thousand vehicles every year. Each and everyone of these is tested and depoluted to the latest stringent environmental standards.

We have recently expanded our metal recycling operations by dealing in all types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Our aim in doing so is to provide customers with a high street level of customer service.

As part of our expansion we have also increased our vehicle recycling capabilities and capacity by adding several new state of the art depolution rigs to our existing operations.

These rigs are used to remove all waste materials and fluids from the cars.

Today’s ever stringent legislation and regulations require all vehicles to be completely drained of harmful fluids before the cars can be dismantled and disposed of.

These fluids must in turn be disposed of in the most environmentally friendly manner possible.

DA’s ambition is to ensure that every vehicle that passes through the site will exceed today’s, and future, guidelines on car recycling.

We will happily accept any vehicle or metal and hope that by adhering to the latest guidelines on vehicle and metal recycling our customers will continue to bring their cars and metal to us in the knowledge that it is the most modern, efficient and environmentally responsible site in the country for processing scrap cars and metal.