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The Powerhand Vehicle Recycling System (VRS)

get more value & Increase profitability from ELVs

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DA Autoparts have worked closely with Dumfries based engineering firm
Clarks Engineering to co-develop the Powerhand VRS.
Increase yield by simplifying removal of higher grade materials from end of live vehicles.

Increase profitability by using the Powerhand VRS system to quickly remove higher grade materials such as engine/transmission assemblies, axle/suspension components from lower grade vehicle body materials.

• Hold down and clamp from the side vehicles using the machine mounted clamp arms.
• Oversized materials can be cut to size using the grapple mounted shear.
• Use the grapple, engine clamp and central shear to easily separate ferrous/nonferrous metals from the engine/transmission assemblies and remove the cylinder head from the engine block.
• Robust enough to handle heavy materials, yet the nimble jaws of the grapple allow easy removal of wiring looms, starter motors and alternators. Once the valuable wiring loom has been removed,
use the multi-tool to strip off any unwanted electrical components.
• Quickly process wheel and tyre assemblies by use of the grapple and clamp arm shear.
• Use the grapple mounted shear to quickly cut through the exhaust and catalytic converter.



Machine Requirements:
Use on 14-25 tonne machines

Grapple requires two hydraulic services:
Open/Close 350Bar, 80-120 l/min
Rotate 250Bar, 50 l/min

Clamp arms require two hydraulic services:
Open/Close 350Bar, 80-120 l/min
Raise/Lower 350Bar, 50-80 l/min

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